Integrity is a core value for us, in terms of being accountable for what we do and transparent in how we do it, with strong governance for those who entrust their funds to our stewardship. Monaghan Integrated Development is a company limited by guarantee. The Company’s Constitution is our founding governance document and provides that the business and affairs of the Company shall be managed by the Board of Directors. Our board are committed to attaining the highest standards of corporate governance. Accordingly, transparency and accountability are constant priorities of the Board, its dedicated Finance, Audit and Governance Sub Committee and our staff. Our board act in a voluntary capacity and a full list of board members can be found on our website.

We confirm that a review of our organisation’s compliance with the principles in the Code was conducted and was based on an assessment of our organisational practice in line with the recommended actions for each principle.

  • Principle 1: Leading our organisation
  • Principle 2: Exercising control over our organisation
  • Principle 3: Being transparent and accountable
  • Principle 4: Working effectively
  • Principle 5: Behaving with integrity

We confirm that our organisation is committed to the standards outlined in these principles. We commit to reviewing our organisational practice in line with the recommended actions for each principle each year.
View a copy of our signed Governance Code here.pdf icon

Charities Regulatory Authority

The Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) is Ireland’s national statutory regulatory agency for charitable organisations. Monaghan Integrated Development CLG is registered with the Charities Regulator and our Charity Registration Number is 20071486.

View a copy of our Constitution herepdf icon

Customer Charter, Feedback and Complaints 
MID will always try to deliver its services in a professional manner. Check out our Customer Charter here.pdf icon

We are always happy to receive feedback on how to improve or services. If our services were not up to the standards expected we would like to know.

Feedback and Complaints guidlines here.pdf icon

Annual Report

Every year we produce an annual report detailing our activities. Our most recent reports are available here.