LEADER Community ICT & Basic Services Time Bound Calls


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 LEADER Time Bound Calls for 

Community ICT Equipment


Basic Service Infrastructure

The LEADER Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020 for County Monaghan is in its final year and we have two time-limited calls currently open for funding. One call is in relation to funding for Community ICT Equipment and the other call in relation to Basic Service Infrastructure. Details of the Time Bound Calls are outlined below;

Details of Funding Call:

Total Budget

Closing date for submission of ‘Expression of Interest’

Broadband Community ICT Equipment

1.1  Support for targeted new/upgrading of existing community based ICT Training Facilities.


  20th February 2020

Basic Services Call

1.1  Support for the provision and upgrading of community and recreational facilities. It is expected that approx. 5 projects could

be funded. Typical projects envisaged include small scale capital projects that are ready to commence and the purchase of equipment.


  20th February 2020


If you have a project idea which you think might be viable, contact a member of our LEADER staff at Monaghan Integrated Development on 042 9749500 and upon receipt of an ‘Expression of Interest’ form, eligible applicants will be invited to the application stage and will be allocated up to 3 months to return completed application forms.

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