What kind of projects can be funded by Monaghan LEADER?

What kind of projects can be funded by Monaghan LEADER?

Rural Tourism
Develop new and existing tourism business
Marketing and promotion activities
Tourism Accommodation
Festivals & Events
Heritage tourism with potential to attract visitors

Small Business
Renewable energy projects
Feasibility studies for new business ideas and start-ups
Social enterprise (includes communities)
Creative sector, including crafts, ICT sector, design and media
Artisan food & drink businesses and supports for development of clusters/networks

Rural Towns
Town renewal schemes and restoration projects
Develop multi-purpose community/arts infrastructure in towns
Recreational spaces and tidy towns

Local actions that complement national initiatives
Basic computer training to certain groups
Skills development for installing broadband
Feasibility studies and funding for small scale equipment

Basic Services in Hard to Reach Communities
Develop and enhance community facilities for benefit of all the community
Social inclusion and cultural integration community training programmes
Community/social enterprise projects

Rural Youth
Training initiatives to support life skills/preparation for employment
Improve access to ICT for young people
Youth development projects
Develop youth facilities such as youth cafes, arts and recreational spaces

Protection & Sustainable Use of Water Resources
Support water conservation awareness
Specialist training programmes
Community water improvement plans

Protection and Improvement of Local Biodiversity
Actions to promote and protect biodiversity
Nature networks
Upgrading parks, river walks and habitats
Restocking/replanting schemes for native species

Development of Renewable Energy
Community energy audits and strategies
Energy efficiency programmes for business and communities
Energy conservation initiatives
Small scale renewable energy projects

These examples are only a guide and this list is by no means exhaustive.  If your idea does not appear here, it does not mean that it is not eligible. Contact or telephone 042-9749500 for further assistance. You can complete your ‘expression of interest’ form today which is available for download from our LEADER Application Process page.