Fit for Work & Life

Fit For Work and Life

FIT for Work and Life is the name of an eight-week community health and wellbeing programme that empowers individuals and communities to make simple lifestyle choices, which can greatly decrease the risk of cancer and other preventable diseases. The programme, which is supported by The Irish Cancer Society, is delivered in county Monaghan by a number of trainers from MID and other local agencies. 

The purpose of the programme is to remind us what we know about health and keeping well in our family and working lives. Core aim of programme is to help us reduce our risk of getting cancer.

Topics covered include:
  • Having a healthy diet - How to read a food label on our groceries
  • Food Pyramid and portion sizes
  • Importance of being a healthy weight
  • Importance of physical activity in everyday life
  • Effects of excessive alcohol consumption
  • Effects of Smoking
  • Avoiding too much sun on our skin
  • Cancer screening programmes
  • Early detection of cancer