LEADER Application Process

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest Form (EOI)

The Expression of Interest form is the first step in seeking funding support through the LEADER Rural Development Programme 2014 - 2020. It is used to outline your project proposal and check if it is eligible to progress to the Application form stage. Eligibility is checked against the LEADER Operating Rules and the Monaghan Local Development Strategy. Include as much information as you can on this form to provide us with as clear as possible picture of what your proposed project entails. The Expression of Interest Form and Expression of Interest Guidance Notes are available to download below.

Expression of Interest Form pdf icon

Expression of Interest Guidance Notes pdf icon

Stage 2 – LEADER Application Form

When reviewed, if your EOI is eligible you will receive your LEADER Application Pack and an invitation to attend a mandatory Pre-Application Workshop that will provide you with assistance and guidance on completing the form. Fully completed application forms with all supporting documentation will be assessed by an Evaluation Committee who will make a recommendation, and a final decision regarding funding will then be made by the Local Action Group: Monaghan Local Community Development Committee. LEADER Development Staff will be available to answer any queries.

Time-limited calls and Open rolling calls

The LEADER Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 has some differences to the last LEADER programme. In this programme, some elements of LEADER funding will be available based on ‘Time-Limited Calls’ that will involve opening and closing dates for submission of Expression of Interest forms. There are also ‘Open Rolling Calls’ for which we will accept Expressions of Interest at any time during the lifetime of the programme (subject to available budget).
Details of Open Rolling Calls and the scheduled of Time-Limited Calls are available from the link below.

Schedule of Time-Limited Calls pdf icon

Both Time-Limited Calls and Open Rolling Calls are based on strategic actions identified within the Monaghan Local Development Strategy. A summary of this document is available by clicking on the link below, or to see the full version please visit our Local Development Strategy & Summary page.

Summary of Local Development Strategy pdf icon

Monaghan LEADER Rates of Aid

The following rates of aid are the maximum rate applicable to each applicant depending on the individual or group applying and for community groups based on the type of project being applied for. Please note that not all applicants who are successful may not receive the maximum rate of aid sought, which will be decided upon by the Local Action Group; Monaghan Local Community Development Committee.

• Private applicant up to 50%
• Community applicant up to 75% or up to 90%*
• Economic theme to a maximum of €200,000
• All other themes to a maximum of €500,000
• Training Programmes up to 100%
• Analysis and Development / Feasibility Studies
- Private applicant up to 75%
- Community applicant up to 90%*
- To a maximum of €30,000

The minimum grant rate payable is €2,500 and therefore the lowest amount that can be sought under Monaghan LEADER.

* 90% rate only applicable if the community group meets a number of conditions including; that there is no commercial basis for the project, the community group are non-profit distributing, separate from the state and that the proposed project fits under the Social Inclusion Theme only of the LDS.

In order to develop your project idea further and to identify other potential projects that could be developed, see further information and links on our Local Development Strategy page.

We recommend that you attend a LEADER public information session or e-mail us on , or contact us by telephone on 042-9749500 where you can discuss the outline of your project proposal with one of the LEADER development staff directly.

All project details and information will be treated with the strictest confidence.