Carpark Development

car park site Tydavnet April 2018 768x5761

Promoter: Tydavnet Tidy Towns Committee
Project: Carpark Development
Theme: Basic Services 1.1
Approved LEADER Grant Amount:   €175,419.31
Rate of Aid: 75%


Tydavnet Tidy Towns Committee recognised a need within their community for off-road parking. This project sought to improve the infrastructure of the village and the surrounding area and be of benefit to the whole community.

The group identified that the provision of a car park would have many benefits, it would allow school traffic to be redirected away from the main road so that children arriving and leaving school could do so from a new safer location. It would provide off road parking, which would reduce traffic congestion in the village. Congestion occurs whenever an event takes place in the village. This includes functions/events in the community centre, which has parking for about 30 cars, either of the public houses, the primary school and the church.

This new facility now allows for:

  • Off-road parking for groups to congregate, e.g. Tractor runs, Honda 50 runs, Local walks/runs start and finish etc.
  • A safer alternative for parents to drop off and collect schoolchildren.
  • A safe meeting point for, e.g. bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, cycling club and walking group etc.

This project met with the strategic action “support for the provision and upgrading of community facilities /infrastructure for all members of the community”.