LEADER Supports Local Festivals

Muckno Mania
Promoter:   Castleblayney Show 
Project:   Castleblayney Festival Network
Theme:  Rural Tourism 
Approved LEADER Grant:   €20,210.73
Rate of Aid:  75%


Castleblayney is a border town in County Monaghan with a population of approximately 3000. Each year a number of community groups stage events and festivals, including; Castleblayney Show, Park Run, and Muckno Mania. These festivals and events contribute hugely to the local economy and tourism, attracting up to 10,000 visitors each year. The groups recognised that to save money and continue providing these important events, that it would be beneficial to pool their resources and formed a network ‘Castleblayney Festival Network’.

The group identified that they had similar running costs contributed to the renting of various materials and equipment and together they put an application forward to LEADER to purchase equipment that could be used across the three festivals that they could have shared access to, resulting in cost savings for each group.