Time Limited & Open Rolling Calls

The majority of strategic actions for Monaghan LEADER are now Open Rolling Calls. These calls are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and are therefore subject to available budget.  Please see Monaghan Local Development Strategy for a more detailed description of each strategic action.

Monaghan LEADER Open Rolling Calls

Open calls

Monaghan LEADER Time-Limited Calls 2018-2020

Time-Limited Calls are competitive and their purpose is to ensure that LEADER funding is targeted where it delivers the most value, is awarded based on a comparative assessment, and secures equal opportunities for all potential applicants. 

Time Limited Calls 2018 2020

Monaghan Leader List of 'Time Limited Calls' from 2017

The calls below closed for full applications in 2017 and have now re-opened as 'open rolling calls' (subject to the availability of budget).

Time limited calls from 2017